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#RHOBH Recap: Holy Schnitzel…& Popcorn! (Ep. 816)

The Berlin trip continues on the latest episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and there are some highlights:


Lisa Rinna losing control of her horse and calling out “ho, ho, ho” makes for an entertaining scene akin to Lu losing control of her camel on RHONY. Then there is Kyle’s panic attack following an allergic reaction to the horses. So many viewers are asking why she went horse back riding if she knows she is allergic, but who wants to be the odd woman out when filming a show? I would make the same mistake.


What was particularly noteworthy about the latter is that the crew and cameramen had to get involved and help Kyle, so we got to see the whole entourage. Of course, there was one guy who filmed all of this happening so let’s discount him or her.  It was one of those moments that Bravo and Evolution Media was so kind to share, reminding us that the crew does actually care for the cast members…That said, they still do have to capture it on camera.


Only Teddi was in her element around these animals and Erika complimented her, much to Teddi’s surprise. This peace between the two will not last long as previews for next week indicate.


Of course, the mindless bickering continues in this episode. Dorit brings up her aggravation with Kyle in New York…again. We see Erika dressed like a 1940s movie star for this dinner and she has invited all the ladies to her presidential suite to eat. She thinks this will be a nice meal, but after the other ladies eschew the veal (because who could eat a baby animal. Wearing fur and eating steak is one thing, but veal???!Erika is not having any of this bullshit and is eating the veal), she’s busy exchanging glances with Kyle. Ms. Richards is just recovering from her allergic reaction to the horses + panic attack and is amazed that Dorit has launched another attack on her, especially given the timing.


Pan to Lisa Rinna in a testimonial who is so relieved the drama isn’t about her this season. Rinna is the best thing about the show this tedious season and she’s been so hilarious that I can state with certainty she’s the only reason I keep watching. She’s actually munching on popcorn in her testimonial, the observer to this ridiculous nonsense.


The next day, the ladies tour a Holocaust memorial which impressed me because I kept associating Berlin with this tragic time in history. Kyle talks about Mauricio’s Holocaust descendants and Dorit tells a touching story about her grandfather being reunited with the mother he was separated from during the war.

They tour some more and touch on the famous Berlin Wall. Of course, after all this heavy stuff we need a scene of the Housewives partying with the locals, dancing the German Hora, drinking lots of beer and allegedly downing carbs (according to Kyle) that will surely lead to fasting and juicing the next day. At least for Teddi who is accountable.

I look forward to how Rinna handles the drama between Teddi and Erika next week…if those previews are accurate.





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