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#SouthernCharm Kathryn Dennis is “100 Percent Committed to Her Sobriety”

Sometimes you cannot put all your faith into salacious sites and smear campaigns.

Sources quite close to Kathryn Dennis of Bravo’s Southern Charm tell me she is “100 percent committed to her sobriety.” One confidant of the reality star says she is proud of Dennis for the way she has employed strategies like “deep breathing and turning to those in her inner circle to avoid turning to alcohol.”

While a website reported spotting Dennis out on the town and implied from her cheerful chatter (captured on video) that she was intoxicated, the confidant says “it’s positively untrue. You see a normally happy girl out with her friends in that video. She’s being gas-lit right now. There’s always been this tug of war as you’re aware…” At issue: the long-standing custody battle for Dennis’s two children with her ex Thomas Ravenel. The now defunct duo are Southern Charm cast mates, and Ravenel is a notorious former Charleston politician who has courted scandal. Known for demanding drug testing for Dennis, ironically, he has his own past cocaine possession charge on criminal record.

Says the confidant: “The double standards lend credence to the ‘good ole boys club’ that the Southern Charm women refer to in the first episodes of the current season.”

The sources express grave concern about going on record in their names. They are fearful of being dragged  into the smear campaign against Kathryn, alleged to be run by KD detractors and mainly, Ravenel and his new girlfriend.

The tangled web that has been woven is also polarizing fans and foes on the social media playgrounds. Be very wary of defending Dennis on Twitter, but know that in this scenario, you are on the right side of Herstory.


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