#NXIVM: The Demands on Allison Mack

When you post to Twitter the question of whether Allison Mack is a victimizer or victim, you’ll get a lot of angry responses. What Mack did, recruiting women to be part of a sexual slavery subsidiary of NXIVM (called DOS), was criminal – no doubt, but we also know of the hypnosis and mind control that cult leader Keith Raniere subjected her to. In case you are unfamiliar with how batshit it all is behind the scenes, I’m going to link to an article by NXIVM’s former publicist Frank Parlato.

When Parlato was with NXIVM it was, quite simply as far as optics, a company devoted to professional and personal development. As he began to realize what Keith was doing, he left and over the years to come he’d find out about the DOS division with its sex trafficking component. Parlato would of course become a “suppressive person” (Scientology term) equivalent to NXIVM.

I think you’ll find this report documented by Parlato to be as shocking as I did.


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