#NXIVM: Thinking of Catherine Oxenberg

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I’m thinking about one mom who had a difficult day, not one that can be whimsically captured in snapshots of breakfast in bed with a cup of coffee, an omelet with a side of blissful, emotional fulfillment. For Catherine Oxenberg, it is an anxious period. The Dynasty actress has been intent on rescuing her daughter India Oxenberg from the cult NXIVM, but reports from Frank Parlato (of the Frank Report) indicate that India may be named as co-conspirator number 2 in the Keith Raniere-Allison Mack-NXIVM debacle.

Allison Mack was “number 1” in recruiting young women for the sexual slavery “DOS” division of NXIVM and it’s difficult to learn that young India could have been the one to report directly to her in those trafficking efforts. Hearing Catherine discuss how India was severely brainwashed by Raniere, had lost a ton of weight and the toll it had taken on her (the stopping of menses, hair loss and thinning), along with being physically branded in the pubic region, I cannot even imagine the mother’s added stress about her daughter potentially facing the legal system.

My thoughts and wishes for the best possible outcome here are with Catherine. She has proven to be a tenacious and stalwart advocate for rescuing her daughter. I hope she can be even stronger for whatever comes next.

Here is the latest Frank Report on India Oxenberg:


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