#NXIVM: Victimized Children

The most perplexing aspect of the cult NXIVM, notorious in the media mainly for its sex trafficking subsidiary DOS, is that it’s been alleged that children have been victimized.

Aside from the recruiting of underage women for sexual slavery (and menial tasks around the clock), which of course is bad enough, it has been reported that the group runs daycare centers with controversial practices. I wrote about this briefly the other day, but it warrants a reiteration because of how grave the situation is.

The Rainbow Cultural Garden school chain was founded by NXIVM’s leader, the “VanguardKeith Raniere. He described his mission for these schools as “a revolutionary child development program promoting children’s cultural, linguistic, emotional, physical, and problem-solving potential.”

Further investigation into the chain revealed that unlicensed female teachers had been recruited so children would be immersed in 7 different languages simultaneously. Since the hours are considerably long and parents are forbidden from conversing with their tots while they’re exposed to the multilingualism, the kids end up babbling and not developing proper speech. They also end up having attachment issues and difficulty bonding.

Feds stormed in to one Miami center that was subsequently forced to close. I have checked out the links to other centers of this chain and the ones I clicked on now appear to be inactive.

Aside from the aforementioned questionable practices of these schools, it is alleged that these children were being indoctrinated for the NXIVM cult. Another suspicion that has been raised: perhaps some of these kids were exposed to frightening and gruesome videos for experimentation purposes. It has been reported that an MD subjected women to “fright studies” and questions abound about what their children may or may not have been exposed to.

See the Frank Report for more on Rainbow Cultural Garden.


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