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#SouthernCharm: Nanny’s Account Bolsters “Investigation”

Nanny Dawn is the second alleged victim of sexual assault at the hands of Thomas Ravenel, Bravo’s Southern Charm star. She was the caretaker of the Ravenel children before their nanny Deirdre was hired – Deirdre is who we see being let go this season. Dawn was the nanny we saw on screen during the first season of the show.

When it comes to financial settlements, the legalities and consequences get tricky (fair or unfair as it may be). Fortunately for Dawn however, there was no settlement or NDA signed, she refused severance pay and recently spent 5 hours talking to Charleston police.

I hope that Bravo and Haymaker’s announcement about an “investigation” was a solid claim. Southern Charm airs tonight and as the show goes on, the audience is left wondering. One cannot help speculating about whether their star’s egregious antics were unknown behind the scenes. I don’t have answers for you. What we do know is that Ravenel is a man who began this reality TV venture after serving prison time for a cocaine charge. For several years, there have been salacious blind items about his drug usage and sexual proclivities. I will state that allegations are allegations and we have yet to unearth which items are truths and which may be tabloid fodder.

When it comes to Southern Charm and its cast mates, how much can one cover up when they are trailed by cameras? The other question is of a more sinister nature: Was anything incriminating left on the cutting room floor or kept hush-hush behind closed production doors? Again, these are merely my own musings and I do not know the answers, but I’ve always viewed the show as both intriguing and problematic.

Southern Charm is  popular for its “good ole boys” premise (and there are terrific female cast members to counteract the chauvinism), but in light of today’s rapidly progressing social climate, the show faces serious growing pains.

If it weren’t for the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, I’m not sure where we would be today with what has come to light.

Do you think Bravo and Haymaker will announce the results of this “investigation” soon?

What do you think will happen?

Please weigh in with your thoughts below.


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