#NXIVM: Time for Major Media to Focus On 1)Nursery Schools 2)Mysterious Deaths

kristin snyder

FRANK REPORT, Kristin Snyder was reported missing and she was in a lesbian relationship. However, it was reported that she may have been pregnant with Keith Raniere’s child when she went missing. Although her body was never found, her death was ruled a suicide.

While the national news is most focused on the sexual slavery (DOS) division of NXIVM, I have written before about Rainbow Cultural Garden, a chain of daycares/nursery schools that focus on extreme language immersion in a matter recommended by no linguistic or child development expert. The New York Times, if you are reading by some miracle: I think this is something you really need to explore a bit more.

Not only are underage women being recruited for DOS, but apparently Rainbow has recruited women from other countries illegally, who have no teaching degrees to be the teachers at these centers. So there is no confusion here: These women – “nursery teachers” – are also said to be recruited for DOS, servicing Keith Raniere sexually and with menial tasks when they’re not confusing tots by speaking 7 different languages to them simultaneously. This type of “immersion” doesn’t end up working and the children are said to speak in confusing babbles, not to mention have extreme attachment issues with their parents since the daycare hours are exorbitantly long and time with parents is restricted. Also, during the time language teachers work with kids, the parents are instructed not to speak with their offspring. I don’t need to tell you that Keith has no training in child development and there is nothing documented in peer review studies about this ass-backward methodology.

And on the subject of Keith Raniere’s methodologies in general: There have been some suspicious deaths tied to NXIVM. Two top women in the organization reportedly perished quite young of cancer, but like Scientology, Keith’s belief in the power of the mind to cure the body overrode his desire to get these women true medical intervention. In addition to those deaths, one woman who wrote a note about being brainwashed and unable to think, feeling dead inside, went missing and since she was never found, her death was ruled a suicide. Another woman was a victim of statutory rape at the hands of Raniere and after being missing for a while, she was found with a bullet to her head. Although that death was also ruled a suicide rather than a murder, experts say it’s very uncommon for a woman to commit suicide by shooting a bullet through her own head and too many suspicious circumstances preceded her demise. On the night she went missing, some very thin women ranging in age were seen outside her house, presumably they had visited to speak with her. The theory goes that these were Raniere groupies/NXIVM members and lord only know what they said to her. The women were characteristically skinny because NXIVM ladies are reportedly forced to adhere to an 800 calorie a day diet and encouraged to run for exercise.

The treatment of young children and the suspicious deaths connected to NXIVM are something I hope major media will focus on more. The Frank Report by Frank Parlato has a lot more details and information. I encourage you to read his website:






2 thoughts on “#NXIVM: Time for Major Media to Focus On 1)Nursery Schools 2)Mysterious Deaths

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  2. Somebody says:

    Thank you, Shira for reporting on this. We need more news outlets to cover the atrocities under the NXIVM umbrella. I believe we have only scratched the surface. When viewing DOS, we are only seeing the 10% of the iceberg above water. 90% of that iceberg is still submerged under water.

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