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#ShahsOfSunset: Shervin no longer Swervin’ Our Way?

Tamara Tattles has a ton of new tea on one of my favorite Bravo reality shows Shahs of Sunset:

According to her sources, Shervin Roohparvar wasn’t wiling enough to share details of his private life after personal scandals last season…And that girlfriend from Down Under, Annalise? She may just have been for show – an on-air squeeze “cast” as his girlfriend rather than the real deal. Attach a big red A for ALLEGEDLY to that.

As Tamara points out in her post, Shervin isn’t even mentioned in the press release announcing the new season. This may actually have come as a shock to him that scenes he filmed were cut out. Asa Soltan had also filmed for the upcoming season, but she too was demoted during the editing process to a “friend of” and we will only see her pop in from time to time.

Expect a mini storyline about Asa not being invited to MJ’s wedding, as Tamara mentions in her post.

When and where Sherv may swerve this season, if at all? Right now, it’s anybody’s guess.

(A link to my interview with Shervin from last season:

Photo source for Shervin’s headshot: Bravo TV


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