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This Week in Celebrity Train-Wrecks: Pete Hits “Delete”

I’ll admit I haven’t thought much about Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, but my Millennial friends seemed to be obsessed with this odd couple. He’s the quirky SNL comedian who, notably, lost his dad on 9/11, and she’s the high-pony adorned pop star who shows us one side of her face.

She was also thrust into the global spotlight when her concert was attacked by a suicide bomber in Manchester, resulting in 23 fatalities. Both have been exposed to the light and the dark, the comedy, music and absolute horrifying tragedy. Perhaps that makes their pairing more suitable than the untrained eye might assess.

Comedians aren’t strangers to attacks on the tastefulness of their brand of humor, and Davidson hasn’t escaped public ire for his own questionable comments and jokes. He’s never really been my “cup of tea”, but perhaps I would change my mind if I saw a solo performance in a club.

When it comes to Ariana, I think of her licking donuts without planning to buy them and proceeding to call America fat. That flashback is redeemed by the recall of her returning to Manchester much later on, post tragedy, to show her support for the people and raise money for the victims.

Otherwise, I cannot name a single song of hers, but I was born in 1974 and I still think Queen and Erasure are two of the best popular music groups to exist – I may not be the best judge.

Pete and Ariana’s engagement had been a thing that had fans speculating and gossiping daily. It all seemed like a whirlwind and folks were placing bets on how long this duo would last. Then “news” broke earlier today that Pete had hit delete on his Instagram. “No more Ariana posts?!” one onlooker exclaimed in a Facebook group devoted to celeb gossip.

Pete’s Instagram activity coincided with a tweet from Ariana:

Fans, particularly those avidly tuned in to celebrity shit-shows, are speculating that the couple is kaput and are on their edges of their seats waiting to see what happens next.


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