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#BelowDeck: The Life of Rhylee

When Rhylee Gerber stepped on board this season of Bravo’s Below Deck, she was confident she had an advantage as a junior member of the yacht crew. She, unlike her crew mates, had actually been a captain on a ship. She will go on to remind us of this fact continually throughout this season, in each of her confessionals.

Ballsy and from Alaska, where the population of Y chromosomal individuals outweighs the XX, she was used to being in charge and was easily “one of the boys.” However, a fishing ship (which can be fraught with its own dangers, requiring a capable captain) is completely different than a super yacht chartering guests.

When Rhylee is told to respect rank and ends up arguing with her superiors, it is difficult for her as someone who has been in charge and is used to being the one to make decisions.

Some viewers feel that Rhylee is a woman surrounded by men who are treating her poorly, and as the only female in that particular group, she is in the right to stand up for herself. Others opine that – just like Chief Stew Kate Chastain and Captain Lee said to one another privately- Rhylee needs to be mindful of the ship’s hierarchy, listen more and respect those with yachting experience.

It is always difficult, as well as frustrating, to come to a job in a junior position when you have been the boss in a related profession. If we were to take genders out of the equation, we could easily say Rhylee needs to step in line and realize she is not a senior member of the crew now. The problem is that viewers have noticed some misogyny with regard to how crew mates Chandler, Ross and Ashton talk (down?) to and about Rhylee.

The audience is divided with some saying “poor Rhylee” and others positively frustrated with her, wishing she would swallow her pride and respect rank.

What are your thoughts?

How do you feel Rhylee’s male crew mates are treating her, fairly or unfairly?

Are you Team Rhylee or Team Everybody Else?

(Photo courtesy of Bravo TV/NBC Universal)


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