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#SouthernCharm: Nanny’s Account Bolsters “Investigation”

Nanny Dawn is the second alleged victim of sexual assault at the hands of Thomas Ravenel, Bravo’s Southern Charm star. She was the caretaker of the Ravenel children before their nanny Deirdre was hired – Deirdre is who we see being let go this season. Dawn was the nanny we saw on screen during the first season of the show.

When it comes to financial settlements, the legalities and consequences get tricky (fair or unfair as it may be). Fortunately for Dawn however, there was no settlement or NDA signed, she refused severance pay and recently spent 5 hours talking to Charleston police.

I hope that Bravo and Haymaker’s announcement about an “investigation” was a solid claim. Southern Charm airs tonight and as the show goes on, the audience is left wondering. One cannot help speculating about whether their star’s egregious antics were unknown behind the scenes. I don’t have answers for you. What we do know is that Ravenel is a man who began this reality TV venture after serving prison time for a cocaine charge. For several years, there have been salacious blind items about his drug usage and sexual proclivities. I will state that allegations are allegations and we have yet to unearth which items are truths and which may be tabloid fodder.

When it comes to Southern Charm and its cast mates, how much can one cover up when they are trailed by cameras? The other question is of a more sinister nature: Was anything incriminating left on the cutting room floor or kept hush-hush behind closed production doors? Again, these are merely my own musings and I do not know the answers, but I’ve always viewed the show as both intriguing and problematic.

Southern Charm is  popular for its “good ole boys” premise (and there are terrific female cast members to counteract the chauvinism), but in light of today’s rapidly progressing social climate, the show faces serious growing pains.

If it weren’t for the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, I’m not sure where we would be today with what has come to light.

Do you think Bravo and Haymaker will announce the results of this “investigation” soon?

What do you think will happen?

Please weigh in with your thoughts below.

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#RHONY: Countess Luann Doesn’t Hold Back in Interview with Reality of Reality Podcast

In a tantalizing interview with Aliza Rosen for the podcast Reality of Reality, Countess Luann De Lesseps, who lounged on a hotel bed wearing Chanel pearls and a red dress, was cool and not at all uncool.

She talked about making her falls a part of the dance (the basis for a new single she’ll be working on in collaboration with Jake Shears of The Scissor Sisters) and reflected on her past mistakes with candor. For more, see my recap on the website All About TRH. Here’s the link:


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#RHONY: The Drescher Disclosures (Link to “All About TRH” Piece)

Remember former Real Housewives of New York cast member Aviva Drescher of the legendary leg throw?! How could you not? I wrote about an interview she did with The Reality Rundown podcast where she spilled some major tea. She addressed the “ghost writer” debacle with Carole Radziwill and her own firing from the show among other topics. Following is the link to that recap:

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#SouthernCharm Debacle: Nanny is Second Accuser

If you don’t follow Amy Feinstein on Twitter, you’re missing out. The writer who contributes to both and broke a major story that she published on the latter site this am. Amy is one to watch because she really has the scoop on Bravo’s Southern Charm and is more in the know about that show than anyone I’ve encountered. She is also someone who wants to see Kathryn Dennis rise triumphantly, so on a personal level, I respect that as a woman who champions women and wants to see  the former underdog redeem herself. We all realize how delicate this is as well as Kat’s sobriety. Two steps forward, two steps back and so on….

By now you know all about the Thomas Ravenel allegations of sexual assault. I conducted the very first interview with Ashley Perkin on this little blog right here. Since then, I’ve connected with FitsNews, which published the first piece breaking the news that an accuser had come forward (I just wish that People, Us Weekly and Page Six had credited Fitsnews editor Will Folks. I’m a big believer in giving credit where credit is due – always!). Although it was a strange way to be introduced, since connecting, I’ve written a few articles for them myself. With that long introduction, I must say that FitsNews’ editor Will Folks has been working tirelessly with Amy Feinstein to give us top coverage of everything pertaining to the current Southern Charm debacle.

This morning’s major revelation, courtesy of Amy Feinstein, was a huge bomb: The second TRav accuser is Nanny Dawn.

She spent 5 hours with the police a few days ago giving her account of Thomas’s unwanted advances in 2015.

Read on in the link below and then continue to keep up with Amy Feinstein on Twitter: @RosewoodGirlz. You can follow Will Folks of FitsNews


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#SouthernCharm Kathryn Dennis is “100 Percent Committed to Her Sobriety”

Sometimes you cannot put all your faith into salacious sites and smear campaigns.

Sources quite close to Kathryn Dennis of Bravo’s Southern Charm tell me she is “100 percent committed to her sobriety.” One confidant of the reality star says she is proud of Dennis for the way she has employed strategies like “deep breathing and turning to those in her inner circle to avoid turning to alcohol.”

While a website reported spotting Dennis out on the town and implied from her cheerful chatter (captured on video) that she was intoxicated, the confidant says “it’s positively untrue. You see a normally happy girl out with her friends in that video. She’s being gas-lit right now. There’s always been this tug of war as you’re aware…” At issue: the long-standing custody battle for Dennis’s two children with her ex Thomas Ravenel. The now defunct duo are Southern Charm cast mates, and Ravenel is a notorious former Charleston politician who has courted scandal. Known for demanding drug testing for Dennis, ironically, he has his own past cocaine possession charge on criminal record.

Says the confidant: “The double standards lend credence to the ‘good ole boys club’ that the Southern Charm women refer to in the first episodes of the current season.”

The sources express grave concern about going on record in their names. They are fearful of being dragged  into the smear campaign against Kathryn, alleged to be run by KD detractors and mainly, Ravenel and his new girlfriend.

The tangled web that has been woven is also polarizing fans and foes on the social media playgrounds. Be very wary of defending Dennis on Twitter, but know that in this scenario, you are on the right side of Herstory.

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#RHONY Touching Base with Tinsley Mortimer

**From my Huffington Post archive, 8/24/17

Tinsley Mortimer is the most recent addition to the cast of Real Housewives of New York (RHONY). Currently airing its three-part reunion, the franchise offered an epic season filled with drama, drunken shenanigans, developing friendships and relationships and the dissolution of others. I recall briefly connecting with Tinsley when she was on the CW’s “reality show” High Society (you’ll see below why Reality Show is in quotes). The bubbly blonde, no stranger to the gossip columns in the early 2000s, reentered New York society via her Bravo debut this season after experiencing public humiliation – and a mugshot she wouldn’t let us forget about!

Although Tinsley is currently trotting the globe with steady beau Scott Kluth, she took time out of her busy schedule to answer questions for The Huffington Post. (Please note: This interview took place before the airing of Part 2 of the reunion when the ladies discussed voting – and not voting – in the last presidential election.)

You’re not a stranger to reality TV or the spotlight. Did taking part in this season of RHONY meet or exceed your expectations going in? How was this experience different (and BETTER, I’m greatly assuming) than High Society?

Taking part in this season of RHONY was a crazy, wild, tumultuous ride which exceeded my expectations on every front. These adjectives come to mind: hysterical, embarrassing, humiliating, frightening, and fun! Yes I’ve done TV before; however, I don’t think anything can prepare one for the rollercoaster called RHONY. If you can imagine getting ready for an event and the necessary preparations it takes…hair, make-up, clothing choices, etc., try having to do this almost every day! Now throw in dealing and interacting with some of the most confident and assertive ladies in New York, and you will have an idea of what it’s like to be on RHONY. This show is completely different from High Society, which was at times scripted. RHONY is an absolutely authentic depiction of a group of very strong, smart, tough, and opinionated New York women with varied and interesting pasts. Though our crazy behavior may seem unbelievable, everything you see is totally real.

Which of the ladies did you know before? How well did you actually know Sonja?

Sonja and I have been friends for fifteen years. She would chat with me at parties, she was always sweet to me. We reconnected a few years ago in Palm Beach, and she sometimes kindly called to check in on me. As for the other ladies, I occasionally ran into Luann at restaurants or functions in Palm Beach and I’ve run into a few of the other girls at events over the years.

You and Carol seem opposite in some ways. What is the key to the magic of this friendship? I love watching the two of you and to me, you guys seem like a great duo to hang out with.

I did not know Carole before the show so my friendship with her was unexpected and a nice surprise. Clearly, she is a girl with extraordinary intelligence, integrity, and character. She’s a very ‘cool’ chick and she could have looked at me in another light. Instead, she took the time to get to know me without any prejudice about my being a former ‘socialite.’ I think the ‘magic’ is the same as with any other good friendship…to be supportive, kind, and to have fun together.


You and Bethenny were a slow burn. Do you two hang out off camera now? Are you friends in real life?


The ridiculous story that Sonja leaked to Page Six really got to you. Are the two of you in a good place now? Do you have a friendship?

It wasn’t the Page Six piece itself that was so upsetting. It was the fact that someone I considered a friend would volunteer information to the press with the intent and purpose of making me look like someone I am not. So many untrue things have been written about me, particularly last year, so, of course, I am sensitive. I had just come out of an upsetting and humiliating experience and Sonja reached out to me when I was vulnerable. She generously offered me a safe haven that I could escape into and get my life back on track in NYC. I confided in Sonja, I trusted her, and she was the last person I thought would turn on me. I will always love her, however, for her extreme generosity in inviting me to stay with her. I sincerely hope we can repair our friendship, and I am confident we can.


What is it about Scott that makes him stand out and gives you more promise than previous relationships?

Scott is an amazing man. He comes from a strong family background and was raised with great morals, values, and integrity. He is incredibly brilliant, a self-made man, and a true gentleman. I so admire his work ethic and devotion to his business which he started when he was just 24. Scott’s authenticity and kindness is apparent to everyone. He’s really unlike any man I’ve ever known.


A bunch of us went back to binge the CW show High Society (shoutout to listeners of the Emotionally Broken Psychos Podcast and to Liz Bentley of EBP and host of Feathers in My Hair). Are you in touch with or do you have anything to do with any of the cast mates now?

I hope you enjoyed watching the show! I want to clear up a big misconception about “High Society” once and for all. The show wasn’t reality, it was satire. The producers initially wanted to film a docuseries that followed my real life. It was supposed to be called “Tinsleytown,” showing my life behind the red carpet and the glamour of New York as opposed to the glamour of Tinsletown or Hollywood. However, after my mom, sister and I signed on to do it, the producers decided to change the intent of the show. The entire storyline was altered to include feigned fights with “friends” who were not really my friends. We were placed in situations that were not real to us and that sometimes made us uncomfortable. Somehow the show turned into this satire on “high society” and how others might expect these people to behave. Other than my family, I don’t see any of the people who were in the cast.

You can catch up on past episodes of RHONY through the Bravo Now app and also On Demand. A brand new season is now airing Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo.


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#RHONY Sneaky Sonjas: Friends with Detriments

This season of Real Housewives of New York (RHONY) has just begun and already, Dorinda is dealing with the same problem that reared its ugly head at the beginning of the last. She and Sonja had made progress with regard to their social dynamics at the end of last season, but we’re back to Dorinda having to process the jabs sent her way. They are the type of remarks one only feels the impact of later on. Dorinda compares this to realizing she’s been stabbed after the fact when the blood is dripping. Sonja has this down to a science: She knows how to slyly throw something seemingly subtle out there that one only slowly begins to process as a biting insult. In the coming attractions for the next episode, we see that Dorinda has hit her boiling point and like Mount Vesuvius, she erupts.

While Luann is also quite peeved with Sonja, she seems to have more patience and the ability to move on more quickly. Then again, Lu and Sonja may a more balanced dynamic, so Lu’s able to take the good with the bad. What’s been “bad” for Lu – and cast mate Tinsley Mortimer as well – is that Sonja says ludicrous, speculative (untrue) things behind her back. Sonja’s penchant for gossip and tendency to shoot her mouth off to press members makes her a difficult person to trust.

Many of us have had that friend – or frenemy –  who brings more stress to our social lives than joy. A member of my high school group gave off the impression of being sweet, but she knew exactly what to say: “I should tell you this….but….” she would frequently begin. It was never anything you would really want to hear that ensued. She also could be really kind to your facem but then you would quickly discover all of the awful things she said to others about you. When she tracked me down on Facebook years later, I warily accepted her friend request only to discover she was gossiping unkindly about my posts and pictures to a mutual acquaintance. I could have let this go, but once I bust someone for gossiping unkindly, I don’t excel at dismissing it. Instead, I promptly de-friended (that Facebook term) and had no further contact. She reached out via email to see why I had taken those measures on social media and I decided to skip the reply process.

While it is easy to cut out crummy friends from our social lives, we’re not filming a reality show that requires we spend time with people we’d prefer to abandon. I’ve heard critique of Dorinda’s impatience with Sonja, but after interviewing Dorinda last season for Huffington Post, I’m well aware that she has reached a breaking point with her passive-aggressive, cunnning cast mate. I look forward to Wednesday’s episode to hear Dorinda speak more of her mind. I truly wish she had been by my side in high school.