Welcome to my site! I’m so excited to continue sharing my articles with you and hope you’ll help make this brand new venture fun. Feel free to contact me on Twitter @ShiraWeiss where you’re welcome to suggest article ideas and point me to scoop I should explore. To give you a sense of who I am, I have worked for over two decades in Public Relations and Marketing and I wrote for the Huffington Post Contributor platform for the last 7.5 years (Sadly, the Contributor Platform closed on 1/18/18). I want to wish all of my fellow former HuffPo Contributors the best of luck on their own new projects and endeavors. I hope to toil away by day doing my “day job”, but put in many late nights writing to interest and entertain readers. I seriously love all of the people I have connected with over the years through the Huffington Post and cannot wait to hear from insightful individuals.