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#NXIVM: “‘The Bully Grows Up’?”

Bowen Xiao of The Epoch Times recently wrote a piece on Keith Raniere, the cult leader of NXIVM, and specifically what he was like as a child. It turns out that Raniere was a brute, tormenting young girls regularly and generally acting like a braggart. I once worked with a woman who wrote a book titled The Bully Grows Up where you come to understand why the bully harassed other children at the end, and then, you see the change in him for the better as he matures. You learn that he has evolved into a reflective and contrite young adult. Sometimes, just like in that book, our childhood aggressors do mature to become lovely individuals who have learned from their past mistakes…

(Message to me from an online “bully” – AKA anonymous troll. I’d this tweet sounds like utter lunacy, that’s because it is)

(Just a few short months earlier, the same anonymous twitter user was exceedingly friendly in a direct message, complimenting my writing as being “top notch“)

However, when you read the story linked to below, you’ll see how Raniere’s childhood conduct was a precursor to his absurdly volatile behavior as an adult. I always want to believe “It Gets Better” when I hear about child bullies, but there are plenty of adults in the world who continually dispel that notion for me on a daily basis.

Here’s the story of Keith Raniere as a kid:

Special thanks to The Frank Report by Frank Parlato for alerting me to The Epoch Times story.


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