Little Time to Write, But Let’s Make Time Going Forward

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy between familial obligations, studying for an exam, work and odd methods of procrastinating from that work. Unfortunately, I have not really designated time to the writing I so enjoy, or to keeping up with reality television in any sort of meaningful way. That last phrase may sound paradoxical, but as you know, I like to wax philosophical about events of my television shows even when they seem to be entirely shallow and lacking depth….Candidly, there is always something that invites commentary because reality television offers up interesting anthropological case studies as well as psychological ones.

We have a “Real Housewife” who had fallen from grace and off the sobriety wagon on Real Housewives of New York (last season) who is now acting entitled and pretentious. I was rooting for her newfound humility and hoping it would last, but alas…. Now she is a cabaret star and coming across rather egotistical. I always enjoy analyzing how quickly one can be humbled and go right back to exhibiting arrogance. Then on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there is a terrible rift that began over a dog’s return to a kill shelter rather than to the new canine care center Vanderpump Dogs. Where the dog was taken is bad enough, but what the argument is really about is not the puppy, but whether Lisa Vanderpump historically tries to manipulate storylines, leak info to the press, and get others to do her dirty work. This is about a crew catching on to what seems to be a pattern.Some say it is about trying to overthrow the main character. The opinions range and there are many. Some are so intricately complicated that it feels to me like the commentaries of the Torah weighing in on a simple sentence. I really should not be making that comparison because it seems sacrilegious no matter where I stand spiritually today.

The way people – fans and viewers – staunchly take sides and end up blocking one another on Twitter is a phenomenon in and of itself that I’ve observed with Bravo viewers. I’d love to know if this happens with the 90 Day Fiance community since that’s a show I watched for 90 days before concluding that it usurped too much of my time. Let me know.

The main point of this post is: I am back and will try to update my blog more often. I am planning for some interviews with TV personalities, podcast hosts and others. I hope to weigh in more often and recap the shows we all have in common.

I should add that I did not fall for a single one of your tweets or posts from April Fools Day, so if you wrote something entirely truthful that day that you feel is important for me to know, give me a good old fashioned phone call! We’re still in April and I’m still a skeptic.


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