Long Time No Write

I realize that it’s been a super long time since I wrote in this blog. After a very bizarre situation with cyber harassment and doxxing on Twitter, I took a hiatus from public writing. I became a ghostwriter while I focused on my public relations work, predominantly in the arena of tech-focused marketing. I have since realized that hiding is not helping. I greatly miss writing publicly and I miss covering entertainment, waxing philosophical about ridiculous reality TV stars or the ones we greatly adore (and wonder: why would they agree to go on reality TV?!). I wrote for a few local newspapers during this “hiatus,” but I decided to get back to my blog and to open it up. It was locked for a while in private mode while I did some soul searching. The main question during that period of reflection was: How public do I want to be? The answer: I’m not sure, but I do want to get back to researching, investigating, uncovering that which is hidden, interviewing and sharing other’s voices and experiences.

I hope you will join me as I begin this new chapter. As the lyrics of the theme song in the Broadway production of Pippin go: “We’ve got magic to do, just for you. We’ve got miracle plays to play. We got parts to perform, hearts to warm, kings and things to take by storm….as we go along…our way…..”

So, come with me as I forge ahead now in 2021. Let’s see where this journey takes us.


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