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#RealityTV BLIND ITEM: “It’s (Still) About Me”

We had heard about this notorious lothario ad nauseam in seasons past. Recently, we were able to take a much needed breath as the reality show had so much more to offer us than this minor character.

We thought we had turned a chapter with the arrival of the new season, but this player has decided to plant stories in the media in the 13th hour (the 11th has long passed).

This was met with success on a day that readers felt was an optimal one for pranks. An item ran, but the timing was off. (In fact, the timing of all of this is suspect because the player is suddenly interested in defending their self.) No doubt, that only further incentivized the player to persist in getting their side of the story out.

As if literally cuddling up with a publicist who repped a prince was not enough, this cat is still on the prowl, purring sweet nothings into reality fans’ ears, hoping to leak more details about a reality star’s past indiscretions. That much- gossiped about star is hardly the paragon of morality and virtue, so frankly, most fans don’t give a damn about misdeeds.

It’s as if the notorious player wants to remind us “It’s about me.” That phrase, in some form, is terribly hackneyed. We’re tired of it and want to yell: “Go to sleep!! Go to sleep!!”

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#RealityTV: Blind Item #GuessWho

This reality star is loved by some and absolutely loathed by others among the viewing audience. Then there are those who just love to hate this person and desperately want to see them on their screens seasonally.

However…don’t be so quick to sympathize with this individual and their sob story of being scorned and snubbed. At an event months ago, cast mates witnessed familial dynamics that didn’t sit right with them. Warnings were issued beforehand, only to be rejected. There’s much more to this star’s story than meets the eye – which is probably why they are getting a head start on speaking to media before network PR gives cast mates the official go-ahead.

Guess Who.