#RHONY: Behind the Scenes Drama Between Dorinda and Luann

Oy vey, those Real Housewives blogs certainly make cast members angry! In case you’re not in the know, I’m referring to the blogs that cast mates are required to write about each episode that airs. These posts appear on the Bravo website. Never one to disappoint us, the ladies of Real Housewives of New York are keeping up the high-intensity drama now that cameras have stopped rolling. What they choose to write is always subjected to backlash and accusations of hypocrisy.

Luann took to her blog to convey that she hopes Dorinda took Bethenny’s critique about her drinking to heart and internalized it. It seems that Lu’s remarks and her loyalty to Sonja are maximally irksome to Dorinda. So Dorinda is biting back. On Twitter, she shared the sentiment of how people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. As Dorinda privately remarked to me: “I think my tweet says it all, don’t you?”

Keep an eye out for more on this story soon on AllAboutTRH.com.


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