#NXIVM: Frank Parlato is the Unsung Hero

I spoke with Frank Parlato yesterday. He was once hired as a publicist for NXIVM, which he then thought of as a company devoted to professional development and personal growth. Think of Maslow’s hierarchy for self-actualization and any conceptual ideology behind major pyramid schemes – It is interesting to note that NXIVM’s leader Keith Raniere was once in Amway. While working at NXIVM, Parlato would discover that the Seagram heiresses the Bronfman sisters (Clare and Sarah Bronfman), the group’s major financial backers, had lost a ton of money. Millions and millions of dollars

In time, Parlato would see Keith Raniere’s hand in this from behind the scenes. When Parlato left NXIVM, Raniere (who is notoriously litigious and known for exacting vengeance) wanted every penny that had been paid to Parlato returned. It was clear that the publicist had uncovered too many explosive behind-the-scenes-secrets and was now a “Suppressive Person” to NXIVM. Raniere had initially hired him to dispel the notion that NXIVM was a “cult” (and, Parlato would find out, exact vengeances on detractors), but Parlato could not deny that fact, one that would become indisputable to him over the years to come.

The Bronfman sisters and Keith would continually terrorize people who had left NXIVM through litigation – raising bogus claims about their detractors, but having the money to keep raging through high power attorneys. As you can imagine, Frank Parlato did not leave NXIVM unscathed in this regard.

Still, Parlato began blogging about NXIVM, determined to expose the nefarious cult and its egomaniacal leader, the “Vanguard” (as NXIVM members referred to Raniere). Through Parlato’s diligent investigations, he went on to confirm that the group had given rise to Keith’s harem and (the now famous) DOS division for sexual slavery.

It is Frank Parlato who brought NXIVM and DOS to the attention of the rest of the world.The New York Times took an interest in his revelations and shortly thereafter, extensive media coverage resulted.

Whenever you think you know all there is to know about NXIVM, there’s more. A HELL OF A LOT MORE. Parlato hears from former NXIVM members all of the time and has been responsible for getting hundreds of people out of the cult.

The stories may seem hard to believe, but in the coming weeks you will hear more about NXIVM as more arrests are expected. Be prepared for some shocking details.

The information that is already out there is a lot to wrap one’s mind around. There’s one physician who branded the DOS women with Keith Raniere’s initials and another who conducted perverse psychological experiments on women. There are daycare centers that separate parents from their kids for hours with the intent of immersing children in 7 different languages. While their offspring are working with language specialists, parents are forbidden from speaking to the children. Being part of NXIVM, these parents feel that Raniere is intellectually omniscient. They trust in his rationale on all things – science, medicine, pediatric development…The children end up with speech confusion (It has been reported that a mix of babbles in different languages characterizes their lexicon) and attachment issues.

It gets worse. There is a disappearance from several years ago that is tied to NXIVM, and there are suspicious circumstances surrounding some deaths (There is even a video in which Keith Raniere claims to have had people killed for NXIVM). Just when you think it could not possibly get more convoluted, it does.

According to Parlato’s website The Frank Report, now that both Raniere and Alison Mack are in captivity, Clare Bronfman has taken the reigns of the cult. The report goes on to state that she has informed members that DOS was Alison Mack’s brainchild and Keith Raniere did not know anything about it.

Anyone with half an unbrainwashed cranium can see that all roads lead back to cult leader Keith Raniere. But when you’re severely hypnotized and under the intense spell of a dangerous man’s mind control, it’s impossible to see things clearly….

So I’ve heard.

To get more details on all things NXIVM, check out:

Here is a link to a podcast interview with Toni Natalie, a former girlfriend of Keith Raniere’s who also went into business with him in an earlier incarnation of NXIVM. She was terrorized by him for two decades after their breakup:


#NXIVM: Thinking of Catherine Oxenberg

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I’m thinking about one mom who had a difficult day, not one that can be whimsically captured in snapshots of breakfast in bed with a cup of coffee, an omelet with a side of blissful, emotional fulfillment. For Catherine Oxenberg, it is an anxious period. The Dynasty actress has been intent on rescuing her daughter India Oxenberg from the cult NXIVM, but reports from Frank Parlato (of the Frank Report) indicate that India may be named as co-conspirator number 2 in the Keith Raniere-Allison Mack-NXIVM debacle.

Allison Mack was “number 1” in recruiting young women for the sexual slavery “DOS” division of NXIVM and it’s difficult to learn that young India could have been the one to report directly to her in those trafficking efforts. Hearing Catherine discuss how India was severely brainwashed by Raniere, had lost a ton of weight and the toll it had taken on her (the stopping of menses, hair loss and thinning), along with being physically branded in the pubic region, I cannot even imagine the mother’s added stress about her daughter potentially facing the legal system.

My thoughts and wishes for the best possible outcome here are with Catherine. She has proven to be a tenacious and stalwart advocate for rescuing her daughter. I hope she can be even stronger for whatever comes next.

Here is the latest Frank Report on India Oxenberg:


#NXIVM: The Demands on Allison Mack

When you post to Twitter the question of whether Allison Mack is a victimizer or victim, you’ll get a lot of angry responses. What Mack did, recruiting women to be part of a sexual slavery subsidiary of NXIVM (called DOS), was criminal – no doubt, but we also know of the hypnosis and mind control that cult leader Keith Raniere subjected her to. In case you are unfamiliar with how batshit it all is behind the scenes, I’m going to link to an article by NXIVM’s former publicist Frank Parlato.

When Parlato was with NXIVM it was, quite simply as far as optics, a company devoted to professional and personal development. As he began to realize what Keith was doing, he left and over the years to come he’d find out about the DOS division with its sex trafficking component. Parlato would of course become a “suppressive person” (Scientology term) equivalent to NXIVM.

I think you’ll find this report documented by Parlato to be as shocking as I did.


#RHONY: Behind the Scenes Drama Between Dorinda and Luann

Oy vey, those Real Housewives blogs certainly make cast members angry! In case you’re not in the know, I’m referring to the blogs that cast mates are required to write about each episode that airs. These posts appear on the Bravo website. Never one to disappoint us, the ladies of Real Housewives of New York are keeping up the high-intensity drama now that cameras have stopped rolling. What they choose to write is always subjected to backlash and accusations of hypocrisy.

Luann took to her blog to convey that she hopes Dorinda took Bethenny’s critique about her drinking to heart and internalized it. It seems that Lu’s remarks and her loyalty to Sonja are maximally irksome to Dorinda. So Dorinda is biting back. On Twitter, she shared the sentiment of how people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. As Dorinda privately remarked to me: “I think my tweet says it all, don’t you?”

Keep an eye out for more on this story soon on

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#RHONY: The Drescher Disclosures (Link to “All About TRH” Piece)

Remember former Real Housewives of New York cast member Aviva Drescher of the legendary leg throw?! How could you not? I wrote about an interview she did with The Reality Rundown podcast where she spilled some major tea. She addressed the “ghost writer” debacle with Carole Radziwill and her own firing from the show among other topics. Following is the link to that recap:

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Mixed Views on UN Ambassador Nikki Haley

As you can see here from this little blog I started -one I’m hoping to devote more time to so it becomes more than “this little blog I started ” – I’m a pop culture junkie. You’ve probably surmised that I watch and comment on reality television…a lot. I’m not the biggest fanatic when it comes to politics. However, every once in a while, I weigh in on the state of our nation and the people in government. I do not really have many opinions when it comes to the current UN ambassador Nikki Haley, but around me I hear the voices of so many weighing in. For I live in a Jewish community where Israel is foremost on people’s thoughts and they have recognized Haley as a major friend, advocate and defender of the land. Following is an article I wrote for that captures the opinions of many people around me, some who adore the ambassador, others who view her as problematic, and some with mixed feelings.

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#SouthernCharm Debacle: Nanny is Second Accuser

If you don’t follow Amy Feinstein on Twitter, you’re missing out. The writer who contributes to both and broke a major story that she published on the latter site this am. Amy is one to watch because she really has the scoop on Bravo’s Southern Charm and is more in the know about that show than anyone I’ve encountered. She is also someone who wants to see Kathryn Dennis rise triumphantly, so on a personal level, I respect that as a woman who champions women and wants to see  the former underdog redeem herself. We all realize how delicate this is as well as Kat’s sobriety. Two steps forward, two steps back and so on….

By now you know all about the Thomas Ravenel allegations of sexual assault. I conducted the very first interview with Ashley Perkin on this little blog right here. Since then, I’ve connected with FitsNews, which published the first piece breaking the news that an accuser had come forward (I just wish that People, Us Weekly and Page Six had credited Fitsnews editor Will Folks. I’m a big believer in giving credit where credit is due – always!). Although it was a strange way to be introduced, since connecting, I’ve written a few articles for them myself. With that long introduction, I must say that FitsNews’ editor Will Folks has been working tirelessly with Amy Feinstein to give us top coverage of everything pertaining to the current Southern Charm debacle.

This morning’s major revelation, courtesy of Amy Feinstein, was a huge bomb: The second TRav accuser is Nanny Dawn.

She spent 5 hours with the police a few days ago giving her account of Thomas’s unwanted advances in 2015.

Read on in the link below and then continue to keep up with Amy Feinstein on Twitter: @RosewoodGirlz. You can follow Will Folks of FitsNews